Church History & Theology Research Sources

Dissertations and Theses

The resources below need to be accessed within a university library. A good research library will give quick access to most of these databases.

  1. Proquest’s Dissertations and Abstracts –
  2. OCLC First Search – very large database but allows for you to search just dissertations.
  3. Open Access Theses and Dissertations –
  4. American Historical Associations (look for publications & directories. On that page look for the dissertations link).
  5. Electronic Theses Online Service (Ethos) from the British Library. 500k dissertations.
  6. Bradley & Muller list out Harvard has having an international list of dissertations at but that link seems to be broken.
  7. One might search for dissertations by looking up a department, and doctoral students and who they are advising. Scholars can point to people working on topics. You might also look up a society of scholars like (e.g. International Directory of Scholars of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference ).

Periodicals & Journal Articles

  1. ATLA Religion Database – (2.8 million resources indexed)
    1. ATLA is owed and hosted on EBSCO. At the top of the search page you can select a variety of other databases to search on EBSCO.
  2. JSTOR = “Journal Storage”
    1. Be sure to google the difference between these two databases. Eg. JSTOR means “journal storage” and they won’t have the last 5 years of articles stored so you must supplement with ATLA. The way they are tagged and the kinds of searches you can do differs too.)
  3. Cambridge Core searches books and journals published by Cambridge.
  4. Oxford
  5. Brill Online Journals
  6. Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses
  7. Google Scholar can be a sort of last line of defense.
  8. Also check the Bibliographies and resources of other journals while you are doing research as a way to find content missed during your search.

Library Networks and Online Libraries

  1. LibWeb will give you a list of most of the major libraries in the world –


  1. German = Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (1875-1912) and now Neue Deutsche Biographie see
  2. America = American National Biography
  3. Britain = Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB)
  4. Significant Protestant theologians = Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie und Kirche (its Eng. lang equal is New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia – a translation and expansion of the original) or Religion in Geschiche und Gegenwart for more recent European thinkers (Eng. Religion in Past and Present )
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