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 Online Databases

  • ATLA Reli­gion Database
  • ATLA Serials
  • Philosopher’s Index
  • Bibliographical Infor­mation Base in Patristics
  • Journal Storage (JSTOR)
  • Periodicals Index Online (PIO) by ProQuest (Good for historical research on early periodicals from 1665 to 1995.
  • The Philosopher’s Index: An International Index to Philosophical Periodicals. 1967 to date.
  • PhilPapers – 

Print Resources

  • Alkire, Leland G., Jr. Periodical Title Abbreviations. 2 vols. 9th ed. Detroit: Gale Re­ search, 1994. Vol. I is by abbreviation, vol. II by title. The work is international in  scope and quite exhaustive.
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information, 1976-. This international, comprehensive index covers all of the humanitie,s including religion, and it examines more  than  200 journals  in history. It is third in importance to America: History and Life, and Historical Abstracts, and like the latter, it can be searched online (see Appendix under Thomson Reuters andEBSCO).
  • Balay, Robert. Early Periodical Indexes: Bibliographies and Indexes of Literature Pub­lished in Periodicals before 1900. Lanham, MD, 2000.
  • Boehm Eric H., and Lalit Adolphus. Historical Periodicals: An Annotated World List of Historical and Related Serial Publications. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 1961.  This is in 5 volumes. It examines 8,200 periodicals, four times as many entries in the field of history as Ulrich’s International Periodical Directory and Irregular Serials and Annuals. 
  • The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index. 1930 to date. Haverford, PA: Catholic Library Association. Bi-monthly. This index was entitled the Catholic Periodical Index until 1968. Presently, the online version should be consulted through the American Theological Library Association.
  • Elenchus Bibliographicus Biblicus appears annually as issues 2 and 3 of the journal Ephemerides Theologicae Lovaniensis. Online searches are bysubscription only. See below.
  • Ephemerides Theologicae Lovaniensis. University of Louvain. 1924 to date. (
  • Historical Abstracts: Bibliography of the World’s Periodical Literature. E. H. Boehm, ed. Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 1955-. In two parts: Part A, Modern History Ab­ stracts 1450-1914, and Part B, Twentieth Century Abstracts 1914-Present. Pub­ lished four times a years, this is the leading index for history for the period after 1450 (excluding the U.S. and Canada, for which see under American History, Periodical Guides). The index abstracts and annotates articles from 2,100 jour­ nals published in some 80 countries utilizing 40 languages.  A  retrospective index published in 1988 is available and the entire database may be searched through institutional  subscription  (see Appendix  under  EBSCO).
  • The Philosopher’s Index: A Retrospective Index to U.S. Publication from 1940. 3 vols. Bowling Green, OH: Philosophy Documentation Center, Bowling Green State University, 1978. A thesaurus was published for the  index in 1979, and  there is  a separate index to non-English-language publications from 1940 (1980).
  • Recently Published Articles. Washington, DC: American Historical Association,  1976-91. Published three times a year, each issue was approximately 150 pages and provided a comprehensive up-to-date international listing of articles by country and time period.
  • Regazzi, John J., and Theodore C. Hines. A Guide to Indexed Periodicals in Religion. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1975.
  • Religion Index One: Periodicals; A Subject Index to Periodical Literature, Including an Author Index with Abstracts, and a Book Review Index. Vols. 1-.  Chicago:

More Journals

Open access to the  titles of articles  may be assumed unless  otherwise   noted.

  • Catholic Historical Review. The Catholic University of America, 1915-. (http://cua­ Beginning with the July, 2000 issue the journal is available online at Project MUSE ( and earlier issues are available through JSTOR ( ‘J.’ables of contents, abstracts, and previews of pages are open access through Project MUSE and JSTOR.
  • Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture. Cambridge, for the Ameri­can  Society of Church History, 1889-. ( Three hard-copy cumulative indexes have been published (1889-1980). Tables of contents and abstracts from 1932 available at Cambridge, with most articles digitized from that date and available for purchase or rent ( Vols. for 1932-2002 are accessed at JSTOR by institutional and individual subscriptions, and vols. for 1964 to the present can be found at the ATLA/ATLAS aggregated database accessible only through libraries.
  • Church History and Religious Culture (formerly Nederlands Archief voor Kerkgeschie denis). Brill, 1908-. Tables of contents available only from 2006 to the present (
  • Historisches Jahrbuch. Karl Alber, 1880-. Access to all tables of contents at http:// under Zeitschriften
  • Jahrbuch fur Liturgik und Hymnologie. J. Stauda, 1955-. Index of articles through 1996 (vol. 36); titles through  2010  (vol. 49)  (
  • Jahrbuch fur Religionsphilosophie. Alber, 2002-. Tables of contents for last two annualvolumes (
  • Journal of Church and State. Oxford, 1959-. Individual articles for purchase (http://
  • Journal of Ecclesiastical History. Cambridge, 1950-. Articles for purchase or for rent ( n/displayJou rn  al?jid  =ECH).
  • Journal of Religious History. Religious History Association, 1960-. Articles for pur­ chase     (
  • Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society. Canadian Church Historical So­ ciety, 1950-. Semiannual. Titles only. Cumulative index of papers and articles (1960-2009)  at
  • Orientalia christiana periodica. Pontificio Istituto Orientale, 1935-. Semiannual. Ta­ bles of contents and abstracts in English for last five vols. at http://orientalia­
  • Revue d’histoire de l’Eglise de France. Editions Brepols, 1910-. The full text of the journal is open access at the Persee portal ( through 1984 and Brepols Journals Online ( for vols. 87 and following (from 2001), with tables of contents, but articles by subscription or purchase only.
  • Revue d’Histoire Ecclesiastique. Brepols, 1900-. Tables of contents from vol. 96 (2001) forward; articles by subscription or for purchase ( journals/).
  • Rivista di Storia della Chiesa in Italia. Istituto    grafico tiberino, 1947-. Tables of contents from 2003, with articles for purchase  (
  • Studia orientalia Christiana. Edizioni Terra Santa, 1956-. Articles bysubscription or for purchase at  /journals/.
  • Theologische Literaturzeitung. Hinrichs, 1876-. Includes subject categories of church history and systematic theology; contents available by subscription only (http://
  • Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte. Kohlhammer, 1876-. One sample table of contentsonly ( Tables of contents and some abstracts can be found at



Arbeit zur Kirchengeschichte. De Gruyter, 1925-. Founded by Karl Holl and Hans Lietzmann, this distinguished series of more than 125 titles includes some edi­tions of texts but the majority are monographs ( view/serial/16570).

Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies. Greenwood, 1984-2006. For a list  of  the  57 titles, search  the  British  Library main catalog (

Blackwell Companions to British History. Wiley, 2002-. Summarizes recent schol­arship on British history by century or era and topic (

Blackwell Companions to Religion. Wiley, 2000-. Titles of «companions” at http://

Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition. Brill, 2006- ( products/).

Brill’s Series in Church History. Brill, 2004-. The series commences at vol. 22 as  a continuation of Kerkhistorische Bijdragen vols. 1-21 (1970-2003) and now extends to more than 60 titles overall. See http:// brills-series-church-history and, for the first series,­ lications/kerkhistorische-bijdragen.

Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture. Cambridge, 1992-. Essay titles within the vols. of the series are listed online with access to indices. (    companions/).

Church of England Record Society Publications. Boydell & Brewer, 1994-. Edited records of the Church of England ( html).

Eastern Christian Studies. Peeters, 1998-. The accent is on international congresses, their reports and papers, but also monographs, notably on liturgical themes and Syriac Christianity (

Historia  Religiosa.  Fontes e Subsidos.  Universidade  Cat6lica  Portuguesa/Centro de








Estudos de Hist6ria Religiosa, 1995-. The Center for the Study of Religious History, Lisbon, publishes three series, the two most important of which are Religious History. Sources and Grants with 12 titles including a bibliography of works on the church in Portugal, and Studies of Religious History, 1998- with  17 monographs. See  under  Centros de Estudio.

Historical Dictionaries of  Religions,  Philosophies,  and  Movements.  Scarecrow, 91 96-. This series includes dictionaries on the  Coptic Church,  the  Reforma­ tion, Anglicans, Puritans, Lutherans, Baptists, the Salvation Army, and so forth (

Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World. Princeton University  Press,  2002- .

Kirchen- und Theologiegeschichte in Quellen. Neukirchener, 1985-. The series was originally edited by Heiko Oberman asa multivolume history of the church with primary documents in translation entitled Kirchen-  und  Theologiegeschichte in Quellen: ein Arbeitsbuch. The series title was shortened to its present form and extends to 12 volumes with new editions appearing periodically. Vol. 6 of the series (AuBereuropfilsche Christentumsgeschichte: Asien, Afrika, Latein­ amerika 1450-1990) has appeared in English (http://www.neukirchener-verlage


Orientalia Christiana Analecta. Pontifical Oriental Institute, 1923-. Replaces Orien­ talia Christiana in 1935 at vol. 100, of which about a third are listed under “other publications” ( The entire list of nearly 200 titles of the second series of texts and monographs since 1935, embracing all aspects of the eastern church, is found at the same web address.

Oxford Handbooks of Religion. Oxford, 2004-. Abstracts of all articles within the volumes are accessible, but full articles require a subscription or purchase at

Oxford Studies in Historical  Theology. Oxford, 1994-. (http://ukcatalogue.oup


Sermo. Studies on Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation Sermons and Preaching. Brepols, 2006-. The first number in this series is a 4-vol. Repertorium of more than 1,000 Middle  English  sermons (


Studien zur AuBereuropaischen Christentumsgeschichte (Asien, Afrika, Latein­ amerika). Studies in the History of Christianity in the Non-Western World. Harrassowitz, 1998- . Monographs with synopses and some tables of contents for titles since 2002. Also note the sister series Dokumente zur AuBereuropaischen Christentumsgeschichte published by Harrassowitz since 2010 at http://www

Studies in Christian Mission. Brill, 1990- . All titles are provided with synopses, but tables of  contents  only  since  2007  (










Studies in Church History. Ecclesiastical History Society, 1964-. Proceedings of the bi-annual conferences at

Studies in the History of Christian Missions. Eerdmans, 2000-. (http://www

Studies in the History of Christian Traditions. Brill, 1966-. Formerly, Studies in the History of Christian Thought. Over 160 titles, and most from 1980 are listed with abstracts  at

Studies in the History of Religious and Political Pluralism. Peter Lang, 2007-. (http://

Studies in  Women and  Religion. Mellen, 1977-. List of 44 titles at http://www

Texte zur Kirchen- und Theologiegeschichte. Giitersloher, 1966-82. Titles are listed by the Library of Congress (


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